Stephan Garmark, born 1980 in Skive, is a Danish writer who grew up in Haderup between Holstebro and Viborg.

Since 1999 Stephan has lived in Aarhus except for a brief stay in London. He worked as a bartender, a bar manager and a waiter during his Literary History studies. He went on to study social counselling , his present occupation.

He has been a writer since a very young age, but his first short novel, ‘Syndefald’, did not appear until 2016 with publishing agency Kandor. The short novel has been called ’ Fifty Shades of Grey meets Hostel’.

In 2017 he published the thriller ’Rakelsminde’ with his brother David. The brothers will continue their joint efforts: They have signed a contract with Kandor for one more novel.

Stephan’s primary literary models are Clive Barker, Brett Easton Ellis, Martin Hall and China Miéville. His literary history studies also aroused his interest in antique poetry, and he is particularly fond of Catullus and Sappho.

Stephan lives in Aarhus with his girlfriend Natacha. He has a son, Frej, born in 2009, from a previous relationship.