The body of a girl from a wealthy family turns up in a deep, cold lake. She has been strangled and sexually mutilated. Her body carries a golden cross, a so-called St. Andrew’s cross – a well-known symbol in sadomasochistic circles. The murder detectives have nothing to go on, and police consultant Kristian Wang, an inveterate alcoholic, is hired to solve the brutal murder.

With detective constable Signe Keldsen he penetrates the S&M circles – a secret world known only to the initiated. A world of power, submission and punishment. But the killer will go to any lengths to keep the secrets of this black world. The rich girl is not his last victim. And soon Kristian Wang is in deep trouble.

There is no empathy in the eyes of her executioner, only raving madness mixed with a sadistic desire she has never before seen in the eyes of a human being. She has no sense of time, no identity and least of all hope. Slowly she feels the blessed oblivion envelop her.

SOLSTREJF is #1 in the series of the down-at-heel police consultant Kristian Wang.