"You're not just a reaper, are you?"
My new buddy shakes his head. "But who am I then?" "You are THE reaper" I answer. "You are the Death himself." 

Raven is beautiful, rich and popular. She has all her life before her - until she is killed on her way to the party of her life. But life does not always end at the last breath. When Raven wakes up in the afterlife she meets Death himself, who’s offering her an eternal job as a reaper, assistant of Death.

But it soon turns out that not everything is as it should be in the afterlife. The otherwise immortal reapers disappear one by one, and ancient forces threaten to kill both Raven and everyone around her. In order to prevent Judgment Day, Raven must seek allies with both Heaven and Hell in an attempt to defeat the enemy. But when war is threatening and darkness takes over the world, who are true friends and enemies? Can Raven trust the side of light, or is the only way to salvation through the darkness?

Fans of Cassandra Clare and Lauren Kate will love this incredible dark fantasy tale. Fans of the TV-series Lucifer and Supernatural will fall in love with the books humor and tough characters.