The sound was metallic – and organic at the same time. It was inside him, like a deep, threatening scream. Then he was hit by a blast wave. A detonation of some kind. He staggered back with the blood streaming from his nose. He keeled over and was unable to breathe. His guts wrenched. The sound left the room (or was it his brain?) as quickly as it had come, and all he saw was the aftermath - like the aftershock of an earthquake, with a wailing sound that also died out. It was quiet for a moment. Sayid dried the blood from his nose. ”We want to go home now, Dad”.

A terrible sound wave hits the streets of the village of Rakelsminde and drives the villagers mad. Reporter Tea Ehlers is asked to cover the story. She faces the challenge of her life when a house disappears, village inhabitants become violent, and members of a fanatical sect start chanting and proclaiming the Day of Judgment. The bizarre events often happen when Syrian refugee Sayid, who moved to the village quite recently, is near. Sayid’s past is dark, and he has a special ability shared by no one else. Soon Tea and Sayid are involved in a struggle of life and death. Will they be able to find the cause of the chaos and save the villagers of Rakelsminde before it is too late?