A shabby consultant

A murdered prostitute

A pregnant detective superintendent

A brutal killer with deviant voyeuristic tendencies

The dead body of police consultant Kristian Wang’s teenage sweetheart is found in his home town. She has been liquidated at close range. Detective superintendent Susan Hviid has no leads. Kristian Wang’s misplaced interference soon drags him into a bizarre murder case of voyeurism, murdered women, gang crime and trafficking. A case with complicated tentacles into the disappearance of Elisa, Kristian Wang’s partner.

“The gun is a warm and safe presence in his right hand. With his left, he undoes his trousers before he leans forward a bit to aim the barrel of the pistol directly at the girl’s white forehead. He presses it tentatively into her skin and withdraws it again, just a few inches. The barrel has left a perfect round red mark in her just as perfect skin. The young girl’s breathing is erratic and short, and her eyes are wide with fear. The black alarm of her pupils has almost completely replaced their usual beautiful auburn colour. The erratic and fearful breathing is the only sound that emerges from her lips that are blue with cold. She is going to die now, and she knows it, he thinks excitedly. A sacrifice to divinity.”

Måneskin is #2 in the series of the down-at-heel consultant Kristian Wang and his attempts to solve bestial murders with sexually deviant motives.