Katja Berger is born and raised in Copenhagen but moved to the island of Falster for a couple of years as a young girl. As an adult she moved back to the capital and was trained in a bookstore before she took a degree in marketing and public relation. She now lives in Copenhagen where she’s a professional author, editor and consultant of digital marketing.

Katja has always been writing short stories and fairy tales, but it wasn’t before she reached her late twenties that she decided to get something published. She wrote her debut novel “The 7 sins” in 1 ½ year and got it published by the Danish publishing house DreamLitt in 2016. In 2017 she followed up on the debut’s success and published “The soul collector”, the first book in a trilogy.

Katja has marked herself as one of the most promising Danish fantasy authors, but she does not feel limited to only one genre. Her books explore the human mind, how we treat each other and our planet. She’s also a passionate speaker about subjects like bullying, faith, religion, sacrifices and human compassion.