Genstart reaches #1 on Saxo

As young forensic geneticist Sarah Bermann performs a seemingly routine DNA analysis in connection with the solving of a brutal killing in Philadelphia she makes a sensational biological discovery. Events lead to Sarah being introduced to the isolated and primitive life of the Amish people in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania – a lifestyle in sharp contrast to her own superficial and materialistic way of life. Her discovery is monitored closely by the FBI, and soon Sarah is caught in a spider’s web with threads reaching the far corners of the planet. She feels attracted by the main suspect of the murder case, 23-year-old Amish man named David Stoltzfus, and she finds out that her own father has kept a secret from her – a secret that will change her life forever.

Thriller novel with conspiratorial overtones and a touch of crime story and the brand new genre, science reality.

The trilogy is being rewritten for a wider Danish release after Claus M. Lohman have signed a publishing deal for his next trilogy.

For more information about the two next books in the series, please see - Genspejl and Genkald


  • Both Genstart and Genspejl have reached #1 in ebooks at Saxo in Denmark (Biggest online reseller of books in Denmark)

  • Genstart reached #2 in ebooks at Amazon Italy

  • The trilogy has a been opted by award winning movie producer Marco Lorenzen

  • Claus M. Lohman recently signed a three book deal with the renowned Danish publishing house Aronsen

  • The trilogy is being rewritten before launch of a wider Danish release

  • The trilogy has been one of the best selling self published fiction titles in Denmark during the last five years