Genspejl reaching #1 at the biggest online retailer in Denmark

Independent sequel to science reality novel Restart.

Things are back to normal, and a new life has begun for young forensic geneticist Sarah Bermann and her Amish boyfriend David Stoltzfus, who both work for the local nursing home in picturesque Pine Creek, Pennsylvania. However, things are about to change rapidly.

A nursing home resident has committed suicide, and a routine investigation uncovers human bones in the mud outside. The area around the home is old Indian territory so nobody is particularly alarmed at the discovery. But Sarah is of a different opinion, and she decides to have the human remains autopsied.

At the same time, she wants to shed light on the genetic make-up of the Mennonites living in the area, and she returns – reluctantly – to her former workplace, the genetic center in Philadelphia where she makes a sensational evolutional discovery.

The news of her involvement in the case reaches maximum-security ADX prison in Florence Colorado where inmate Dennis Lineker is serving a life sentence. Soon the top-secret FBI Group ONE is brought back together. Ready to take revenge and destroy.

But nothing is what it seems, and even the impossible becomes possible.


  • Both Genstart and Genspejl have reached #1 in ebooks at Saxo in Denmark (Biggest online reseller of books in Denmark)

  • Genstart reached #2 in ebooks at Amazon Italy

  • The trilogy has a been opted by award winning movie producer Marco Lorenzen

  • Claus M. Lohman recently signed a three book deal with the renowned Danish publishing house Aronsen

  • The trilogy is being rewritten before launch of a wider Danish release

  • The trilogy has been one of the best selling self published fiction titles in Denmark during the last five years