Readers choice at Danish crimefiction blog #1

Independent sequel to bestsellers Restart and Reflect.

Having escaped Group ONE, young forensic geneticist Sarah Bermann and her Amish husband David Stoltzfus settle among the Quakers in the idyllic town of Chalfont in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Sarah works as a regional doctor while David makes a living as a bridge walking instructor. A seemingly harmonious life – but beneath the surface, their equilibrium is shaky: the young parents do not only have to battle horrors of their past, they must also come to terms with the loss of one of their twin sons.

During a museum visit, Sarah gets possession of some DNA that may come from one of their ancestral emigrants. To determine if the family mutation was brought over from Europe or has developed among descendants in America, Sarah has the DNA analyzed and comes across the mysterious, inaccessible document Recall.

As a seemingly banal robbery-turned-murder is linked to several cancer deaths, things start to happen fast, and before they know it, Sarah and David are back in the line of fire. Face to face with demons of their past – and their very present inner demons.

The young family must use all of their resources in order to survive. But when hopelessness is threatening to engulf them, help is coming from an unexpected source.

- But what is Recall, and what is its relation the many deaths?


  • Both Genstart and Genspejl have reached #1 in ebooks at Saxo in Denmark (Biggest online reseller of books in Denmark)

  • Genstart reached #2 in ebooks at Amazon Italy

  • The trilogy has a been opted by award winning movie producer Marco Lorenzen

  • Claus M. Lohman recently signed a three book deal with the renowned Danish publishing house Aronsen

  • The trilogy is being rewritten before launch of a wider Danish release

  • The trilogy has been one of the best selling self published fiction titles in Denmark during the last five years