Before THE SEVEN SINS, seven gods ruled the world.

Before THE SEVEN SINS, people, elves and dwarfs lived in harmony.

Before THE SEVEN SINS, there was no darkness.

Then THEY came. And changed everything.

Teenage boy Kane is oblivious to his own powers until he is drawn from his rather boring high-school life into a magical universe threatened by imminent destruction. Assisted by magician Aisha he must fulfil an ancient prophesy, find and conquer the Seven Sins and dethrone the King of Darkness. But in his quest, Kane has to face the fact that sometimes your worst enemy is the one you least expect. And is he willing to sacrifice the only thing worth more than life itself?

THE SEVEN SINS is a fantasy novel about the struggle between Good and Evil, about finding one’s true self – and about living with the choices you make. Including the hard ones.