David Garmark was born in the Copenhagen suburb of Valby in 1972. His childhood was characterized by frequent changes – his father was a doctor who was stationed at various hospitals in Sweden and Denmark. However, he spent most of his childhood and youth in a small town between Holstebro and Viborg.

David trained as teacher and has been working as an actor since 2001, with roles in the Danish TV series Anna Pihl, Lærkevej and Tomgang. However, his writing career did not take off until recently.

David was in his early youth when he first started writing – like many young people who feel the need to express the agony and frustration of growing up. Through the past many years, he has strived to develop his writing skills and refine his artistic expression, and in 2015 he was ready to release his first novel, the acclaimed ’Drengen, der aldrig kom hjem’. Not until then did he feel that his writing was ‘good enough’.

In 2015 he also won the ’Døden har en årsag’ competition arranged by publishing agency Kandor. The subsequent crime-story anthology of competition entries was named after his winning short story ’Tågevals’. In 2015 Kandor published the acclaimed ’En ørn fanger ikke fluer’ – David’s contribution to the Satan series published by Kandor.

In 2016 he released his second novel, ’Det fjerde menneske’, and followed it up with ’Abbotts hemmelighed’, the second volume of the series featuring former problem-solver Ditlev Martins.

In november 2017, the horror thriller ’Rakelsminde’ was published by Kandor. This novel is the first product of a writing partnership between David and his brother Stephan.