Born 1971. Lives in Odense and teaches chemistry at Højmeskolen. Claus invented the’science reality’ genre which blends real and fictitious science in an intriguing mix. His first novel, Restart, was published in 2013. It was translated into English and Italian, and it has been one of the top three books on the Italian Amazon list. In addition, the novel was recorded as a ’Momolydbog’ audio book, performed by Torbjørn Hummel. The sequel, Reflect, was released on March 21, 2015 for the Danish Crime Book Festival and recorded by one of the most popular audio book performers in Denmark, Torben Sekov. The last part of the trilogy, Recall, has attracted much attention and is described as a ’landmark in Danish crime literature’ by Krimi-Cirklen. Film rights for the book series have been acquired by Marco Lorenzen (Hundeliv, etc.)

Vice President of Copenhagen Library Sanne Craft has compared the trilogy to the works of Linda Castillo, Faye Kellermann and Agatha Christie. The books feature on the Top 10 Reading Experience of the Year Lists of several literary critics.